Kombucha originated in China thousands of years ago, where it was sometimes called the "Tea of Immortality". It is a carbonated beverage made with the finest quality sugar, green and black teas, and healthy yeasts from a SCOBY, or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts.  These ingredients are put together in glass fermenters and brewed for 10-14 days, creating a specific cycle of fermentation with natural carbonation. Flavor infusion is done using real organic fruits and herbs, with many ingredients sourced locally from Wisconsin gardens. 


a few more things..

*Sustainability is important to me, so I like to do all that I can to support my surroundings and keep a clean, green space. Much of the waste in our facility is composted and recycled.  The compost is put back into the soil to aid in the nourishment and growth of many of the herbs that you are tasting in my brews. Many of the fruits and herbs used are grown on Wisconsin soil also, so that's something you can feel good about. It is so important to support our neighbors and help small business owners! 

*So, what's the deal with the sediment in the bottle? These floaters are part of the SCOBY and are completely harmless. They are actually filled with live, raw yeasts and bacteria that will not hurt you! You can choose to drink them, leave them at the bottom, or strain them out. I recommend taking all of it in, but that's just me. It is all what makes kombucha what it is: a delightfully fizzy, delicious, live and raw probiotic.

*Swirling gently before drinking is recommended, but DO NOT SHAKE THE KOMBUCHA or you WILL end up with it all over your face. I recommend putting it IN your face for best results, but I have heard that it makes a nice skin toner. Remember that it is carbonated! Shaking = explosion! 

*There is a trace amount of alcohol in kombucha, but this number stays under .05%, which is likely comparable or less than what is found in a glass of OJ or a piece of very ripe fruit. 

*It has no expiration date and does not "go bad", but refrigeration is recommended. It CAN be left out, but this will cause it to continue fermenting, meaning it will become more and more sour and will eventually taste like vinegar. The expiration date that you see on the bottle is there to let you know how long the booch will hold it's original flavor. 

*Another important note: a bottle of kombucha that is left out in a warm area (like a car or a tent perhaps) will carbonate and ferment, causing increased pressure inside of it's container, which could cause it to BURST! Again, refrigeration is recommended. 

*It makes a pretty nice substitute for those trying to cut back on or quit soda. Sugar in kombucha is minimal (almost all of what is added in the beginning is eaten up by the SCOBY during the fermentation process). The sweet notes you taste are mostly due to the fruit infusion that is introduced prior to bottling. The fizz and flavor are strong and can make the transition  much much easier. Try it out and see what you think! 

***I am not able to make any health or wellness claims about why myself and thousands of others love the stuff what it does for the body on this web page due to FDA regulations, but if you are here visiting my site you may have heard about it from someone you know or maybe saw it at a market. I CAN say that it tastes fabulous and has been known to make people feel pretty darn great. Please, do some research online or feel free to get in touch with me and I would love to educate you and give you my thoughts (there are so many!!).